Thursday, May 16, 2013

Special Needs/Mental Disability Film

For my final project of the year I plan on making a film that disspells the stigma about people with mental dissabilities.  I want to show that they're regular human beings like the rest of us and I'm willing to interview anyone that is impaired or anyone that has worked with special needs before.  If anyone is interested in helping or contributing in anyway you can comment to this post or talk to me and I'll give you my contact information any help is appreciated.

I don't plan on posting any segments or unifished work to this blog about my film so I won't have any progress updates with any substantial meaning.  I will post my finished film to this blog however thank you for all the support.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

1999 English Literature Essay

In Cormac McCarthy's passage from The Crossing he uses several literary techniques such as imagery, tone, and an emotional appeal to convey the imact of the experience on the main chracter.

McCarthy uses explicit descriptions of the dead wolf's body to create an emotional appeal or connection with the main character that helps the reader identify with his suffering.  While the impact of the dead wolf's body has been created the author uses imagery to depict a peaceful environment around this creating a contrast between the beauty of nature and the anguish of the man's sruggle.  To further contrast the current suffering of the protagonist the author depicts the life of the wolf before it was killed as being peaceful, natural and beatiful which enhances the graphic description of the now dead wolf.

The lack of exposition in this passage is also apparent and leads to a certain ambiguity of how the wolf and the character made it to where they are in the passage.  It was never made clear if the wolf was killed by the man or if the wolf was found which adds to the mood of nature and the environment being peaceful however the person being confused and in despair.  You would have to make an inference as to what happened however it is apparent that the character has some emotional attachment to the dead animal.

Through a combination of these techniques McCarthy enhances the reader's connection to the emotional experience of the character.  The contrast between the peaceful environment and the hardship of the person creates an easy connection between the reader and the character.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brave New World Chp 10

Bernard sets up an appoinment to talk to the Director when he comes back from New Mexico.  In the meantime John sneaks into the house where Lenina is intoxicated and goes through her things and expresses his interest in her.  Bernard comes back to the London incubation area to find the director waiting for him and announcing to the workers that Bernard is a theat to society for being different.  At the last moment Bernard brings in Linda and John and the Director is clearly flustered that they are there and he becomes the butt of a bad joke and he runs from the room followed by the laughter of the workers.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brave New World Chp 8

This chapter gives a background to John's life and it shows how he was isolated as a kid because he's a hybrid of both worlds and accepted by neither.  His mother was not fond of the idea of monogomy which made John into an outcast.  John found his passion in reading at first it was only a job manual from his mother but eventually he read Shakespeare's work.  At the end of the chapter Bernard offers John to come to the civilized world with him along with his mother.  I think that Bernard will use John as blackmail against the director so he can stay in London however I don't know why he is bringing Linda along with him.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Brave New World Chp 7

Lenina and Bernard enter the reservation and start to experience the savages' culture.  Lenina is immediately frustrated by her surroundings and is uncomfortable with the lack of cleansliness.  They witness a dance/celebration being performed in which a young man is sacrificed to their gods in hopes that they will recieve rain and crops, Lenina is again distressed by these events.  They find the director's former female companion who was adopted by the savage population and she also could assimilate into their life along with Lenina.  Linda and the director also had a son together.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brave New World (II & III)

The characer Bernard Marx is introduced in these chapters and I feel like he will be an important factor in this story.  More background is given to the alternate future where knowledge is either destroyed or hidden from most of the population.  The controller narrates the history of man in a negative light to the students.  It seems there might be a conflict with some of the nurses and Bernard about not conforming with the expectations of promiscuity and seeing the "savages".

Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Quarter Review

This quarter I feel like I fell short of my expectations for myself.  I expected to get alot more done and I wanted to keep my blog up to date which hasn't been the case but I've been putting more time into my blog recently and have been trying to keep it relevant.  I need to spend alot more time studying lit terms and planning more on literature analysis because I always procrastinate on both of those as well and then rush to get those done.  I have been working hard on my senior project however and I've almost finished pre production and I'm excited to start that and get it finished.  Next quarter I'd like to be able to say that I have at least 90% of the things I'm supposed to have on my blog posted, I would also like to have my senior project finished.  Next quarter though I want to start planning ahead for my future more because right now I haven't really done to much in anticipation of next year or my career and I feel like its important for me to start that soon.  The only comment I have to make on the course as a whole is I think every student thats enrolled in this class we all need to collaborate and really define our year in this class and make in unique because I feel what we've done so far has been great but it hasn't been excellent.